Matthew Gillam the Photographer

I've shot hundreds of weddings.

I use professional gear, don't worry.

I am self-taught, so no certificate sorry.

I process & edit all my own photos.

I don't have a second shooter.

I'm very organised & paranoid about backing up.

I don't make albums or do prints.

I won't charge you for extra stuff later on.

I have, and will, travel for your wedding.

I don't do corporate photoshoots.

Or family photoshoots, sorry.

Weddings only.


Matthew Gillam the Person

This is Jana.

We got married in April, 2017. We're having We had a baby this July!

I'm the photographer. And she's my quality control.

I'm incredibly meticulous. Usually I'll finish editing a wedding in 2-3 weeks,

and then spend another 3 going over them again and again, making sure they're absolutely perfect.

She really does deserve the shoutout for her part in all of this.

"Is this good?" is a question she answers, way too often.

She's the encouragement I need,

and my reminder of why I love doing this.

This is Remy Mae.

She was born in July - so around 18 months in this photo.

She's my pride and joy, and completely changed my life.

I see the world through a different lens because of her.

The most relevant thing for weddings, is probably just how different I see the father-daughter interaction on the day itself. It's just unbelievable to imagine one day she'll be getting married too, and I'll be there for my first-look, the father-daughter dance, all of it.

This is Frankie & Georgie

They mostly get in the way actually,

but I couldn't have an about me page without them.

(And this is probably a good time to tell you that yes, you can bring your dog to your wedding.)


I also love music, running, cricket, sunny afternoons, Australia in general and tinkering with new technology. Happy to take any questions on any of the above!