2023: 2 spots left | 2024: now open

Hello, I’m Matthew Gillam.

I'm a Brisbane based wedding photographer. Nine years and a few hundred weddings ago, it was all about “the photography”. The light. The colour. The pose. The landscape. I would often scratch my head when I would see my couples share their wedding photos on Instagram, only to see that they never seemed to be my 'favourites'. And after a while I realised that they really don't care about the technicalities of the the 'perfect image' as much as they do the moments within. The subtle glances, the deep looks of love, the tears, laughs and those rare moments that make them, them.

So, these days, it’s all about the people. You guys. The two engaged lovers on the other side of this screen. You two, your families, all your friends, a beautiful venue, some music, a bunch of flowers and the vow of lifelong dedication to loving each other. The light, the colours and all those technicalities are a given these days, but that little bit of extra magic - that's what I'm all about.

I’m not interested in posing the whole day. Manufacturing smiles, re-doing shots over and over, big breaks in the day for the photos. If you want traditional, posed and perfectly polished & retouched images, that's totally fine! I'm just probably not the photographer for you.

Capturing your love as it happens is what matters to me most, and is exactly what you’ll get from me being a part of your wedding. Wedding days really are just stories, and I’m there to tell them. That means being relaxed and easy going, very flexible, a little bit ridiculous and probably somewhat over-excited about the whole thing.

I want you to feel your photos when you look at them. For people who weren’t there to know what it was like. For your kids to look at them 20 years later and see the love in their parents eyes. And most importantly, for you two, when life gets a little bit harder, to have these photos to hang onto as a constant reminder of where it all began. 

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story,