How much will it cost?

Full day coverage is $4,800.

Over the years, I've gone through the process of having multiple packages and different tiers of pricing for certain amounts of images, hours and the rest. These days, I only offer one option, which is all day coverage. To be able to truly tell the full story, being there at the start and leaving at the end just makes sense!

All of my energy, effort and ability will be yours for the entirety of your day.

On the day itself, I will be there from the moment you start getting ready to the moment you leave your reception.

I’m not bound by time, or number of images.

I’ll be there for every important moment your wedding day can throw at you - even the ones you don’t realise are important until after it’s all said and done.

You won’t have to worry about me, my time or asking for one more photo before I have to leave, I’ll simply be there. All the laughs, all the tears and everything in between.

I can't promise an exact amount of images, but usually we end up in the 700-1000 range, depending on the size of your wedding. These will all be edited & retouched, and delivered to you via an online gallery that will exist forever.

There's no extra costs after this, the photos are all yours. You can print them, get an album made and do just about anything else you can think of with them. No watermarks. No upsells.

For this, I charge $4,800 total. Not a starting at, or prices from.

It's 20% deposit up front to lock it in, and then the rest 2 weeks before.

I do totally understand that Covid-19 has dramatically changed plans, so if you'd love to have me along, but a full day doesn't make sense, please do still get in touch and we'll see what we can work out.

A few answers.

What if I haven't picked a date or a venue yet?

Get in touch! Obviously, if you haven't booked a date, I won't be able to confirm if I'll be available or not, but it doesn't hurt to start the conversation. I'll always do what I can to make myself available for your special day, and starting the conversation early is a great way to help with this.

Do we need to pay a deposit up front?

I do require a 20% deposit up front to lock in the booking and secure your date. The final amount is due 14 days prior to the wedding.

Will there be a second shooter?

Not unless absolutely necessary (usually if you have a huge amount of guests or are getting ready hours apart). Of the last 100 weddings I've shot, I've probably had a second shooter with me twice, so don't worry, you're not compromising on anything by not having one.

Can you do video for us too?

I don't do any video, sorry! Despite both involving cameras, they are very different skills and require a bunch of different gear. I can definitely recommend some amazing videographers for you though, so do get in touch if you're on the hunt.

What kind of gear do you use?

All professional equipment. You'll have no issues printing your photos as big as you want. They'll be sharp, crispy and amazingly high quality!

I can also shoot a little bit of disposable film too if you're interested in that. Just let me know & we can work that out.

Do I have to order prints through you?

Definitely not - the photos and all rights are yours, and I'll always give you the highest res digital files possible. Big enough that you could put them on a billboard if you wanted to. In saying that, I don't offer any official prints that you can buy. With all the great resources available online these days and the huge number of DIY printers, I've found most people would love to just do it themselves and save a few bucks along the way. I'm happy to recommend printers if you need a bit of direction beyond Kmart and Officeworks!

What if we're really awkward in front of the camera?

Don't worry. You aren't alone, and you certainly won't be the first person to say that to me, let alone the 100th. It's perfectly normal to feel that way - I certainly know I did. It's being able to navigate through this that differentiates a good photographer from a great photographer in my opinion. Being able to get the best out of you and your partner, despite all the awkward feelings at the start is something I'm really proud of. If you look through my work, those emotions aren't fake and posed. They'e real. I have fun when we shoot, and I promise you you will too. I'll give you all the direction you need to feel like you've been modelling for years.

Can we catch up before we book?

Absolutely. I'd love to grab a coffee, or tee up a video call and chat through your day and expectations and answer any other questions you might have. There's absolutely no pressure or obligation to book after that either.

Do you have a sample gallery we can see?

Certainly - just get in touch and I'll share with you a full wedding gallery, just like the one you'll receive. It's a great way to get an idea of what to expect and how the final product will look.

Can we have all the raw photos?

Usually on the day, I'll end up shooting roughly 3,500 - 4,000 photos. From here, we end up with roughly 700-1,000 keepers. These numbers mostly depend on the size of your wedding.

When capturing photos of people, especially groups, it's very common to take at least 3-4 photos of each frame to ensure there aren't people blinking, making accidental funny faces & slight focus issues.

This is exactly what all the extra's you won't receive are. I promise there aren't any keepers on my hard-drive that you'll be missing out on.

Further to this, the raw image is truly a half finished product. There is so much that goes into the editing and processing that completes the image, and as a creative, I have too much pride in my work to deliver anything half-cooked. Sorry!